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Haryana City Gas Distribution (HCG) is a company registered under company act 1956. Having considered the popularity of city gas distribution, SKN- Haryana City Gas Distribution has visualized and undertaken the project of natural gas supply for Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and transport sector of Haryana State. SKN- Haryana City Gas Distribution has got the approval from State Government of Haryana to distribute natural gas in Gurgaon, Rewari & Jhajjar districts of Haryana state and for Neemrana & Bhiwadi area of Rajasthan state from state government of Rajsthan. Presently the company is in a process of creating network for the distribution of natural gas to consumers for domestic, transport, and commercial and industrial sectors in Gurgaon Bhiwadi.

SKN-HCG’s main business of natural gas distribution is divided in two segments:-

PNG: Direct supply of PNG to domestic, commercial and industrial consumers.

CNG: To compress the gas at CNG retail outlets for filling in onboard installed natural gas cylinders in vehicles for using as transport fuel.

In PNG segment, the company is having 8210 household gas consumers in domestic sector and at the end of 2016; the company is having a plan to provide gas to 12000 household consumers.

In CNG segment, the company has 4 online CNG stations at different locations in Gurgaon and by the end of 2016; the company is having a plan to operate 7 CNG stations.

The company is selling around 8000 standard cubic meter gas to its Commercial and Industrial customers and has drawn a plan to increase the supply to 100000 SCM by the 2016 end.

The company has already laid 140 Kilometers pipeline network capable of connecting 2000 industries. As per plan these will be connected by year end.