0124-4272107 / 4373107 / 4271273

  • emergency calls:

  • fire service:


  • Close the valve of your gas after use.
  • See the valve location near to meter and switch off during emergency.
  • Your gas burner is converted for PNG, please do not use LPG cylinder on it.
  • PNG pipeline fittings should be visible. If your PNG pipe is on concealed area, then immediately inform SKN-HCG.
  • If you notice some construction/excavation work on the gas pipeline route near to your locality, inform SKN-HCG control room immediately on this number 9311990900 .
  • During repair or construction work at your home in which PNG pipeline may get affected then inform SKN-HCG immediately so that, the work is carried out in a safer way.
  • Rubber tube of gas burner needs to be replaced every year. But regular inspection is necessary and replace, it in case of damage/fault. Use ISI mark (IS9573 TYPE IV) rubber tubes only.
  • MDPE gas pipeline is 1 meter below the earth / surface.
  • Please help us to protect it so that, you remain safe.


  • Do not tamper with the pipeline.
  • Do not place any burning article /object near to PNG pipeline or meter / regulator.
  • Do not call any local mechanic or plumber for any pipeline work, otherwise result could be dangerous.
  • Do not burn dry leaves and wooden sticks in your courtyard to avoid any harm to the pipeline.