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Core-Team | HCG: Haryana City Gas


Mr. Satish Chopra

Founder & Chairman

Graduated from Sri Venkateshwara Collage (DU) and started his manufacturing business in 1977 under the brand name of SKN-Bentex. He is the Founder and Chairman of SKN Group of companies. He has been in City gas distribution business for over 15 years, with his farsighted leadership and dynamic approach along with a professional team has expanded the SKN-HCGDPL network from Gurugram, Bhiwadi and now to Puducherry.

Satish Chopra - Director-SKN–HCGDPL

Mr. Karan Chopra

CEO & Director

Graduated in Chemical Engineering and Business Administration from Drexel University, USA. He joined the business in 2010 as CEO & Director, with a vision to develop and expand the infrastructure and network along with his expertise, an experienced team and successfully led them to achieve new bench mark in SKN-HCGDPL project expansion in Gurugram, Bhiwadi and Puducherry.

Karan Chopra- Director-SKN–HCGDPL


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Feb 2023