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SKN – HCG GROUP, believes in - the more we give, the happier we feel in contributing to the society.

Vijay Lakshmi Welfare Trust was created in November 2015. Registered under the Indian Trust Act 1882 with its registered office at: 12 Forest Lane, Ghitorni, MG Road, New Delhi 110030.

Vijay Lakshmi Welfare Trust is a non-profitable trust and has been contributing and providing timely and meaningful support to needy children, women, and homeless senior citizens and financially contributing for animal’s welfare.

It has taken many steps to improve the environment sustainability through CSR programs by donating & sponsoring local NGO’s for green revolution awareness events. All this has been possible under the guidance of its trustees Mr. Satish Chopra – Founder, along with family members and team members.

Vijay Lakshmi Welfare Trust has been supporting and contributions for different charitable projects such as:

  • Donated rations at Earth Saviour Foundation, Bandhwari in 2017.
  • Distributed blankets at Saambhavi NGO from January 2018 onwards in Delhi.
  • Donated air coolers and medicines at Earth Saviour Foundation, Bhadhwadi in July 2018.
  • Distributed meals at All India Confederation of the Blind in Oct 2018 in Gurugram.
  • Financial donation was made to Indian Cancer Society through Festival of Hope event in Gurugram, for cancer patients in Nov 2014.
  • SKN HCGDPL conducted Green Drive by planting trees at our CNG stations in sector 44 and sector 72A in association with Saambhavi NGO in May 2019.
  • Donation of rations at The New Society of India Foundation in Parents home, Sohna in Feb 2020.
  • Financial contribution was made for renovation of kitchen and dining hall at All India Confederation of the Blind in December 2020.
  • Donated rations at Earth Saviour Foundation, Bhandhwadi in June 2021.
  • Regular donations are made for injured animal treatment to PFA (People for Animal) which is one of the biggest animal welfare organization founded by Ms. Maneka Gandhi.
  • Providing well equipped medical van (ambulance) for emergency medical services.

The purpose of Vijay Lakshmi welfare trust is to empower weaker section of the society i.e. children, women and homeless senior citizens by contributing for their food, clothing, health, education also for animals welfare and will continue to contribute to create a positive impact on the society.

Registered Office:

12, Forest Lane,
Ghitorni, New Delhi 110030
Mob: +91 98100 17571
Facebook : Vijay Lakshmi Welfare Trust