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Domestic PNG

Domestic Customers prefer "Piped Natural Gas” citing its benefit starting from uninterrupted supply, safer, reliable and economic friendly. A typical PNG installation for domestic customers is provided below for reference purpose.
Piped Natural Gas (PNG) is a clean fuel used for cooking purpose by Domestic Sectors. Natural gas primarily methane-CH4 with a small percentage of other higher hydrocarbons and because of the least carbon to hydrogen ratio in Methane, it burns almost entirely, making it clean and eco-friendly fuel.

PNG is supplied through pipelines at low pressure and is safest, most environmental friendly and most efficient and reliable mode of transporting natural gas. Consumers do not have to store the PNG as it is continuously supplied through pipeline from the source, which gives the consumer convenience to use fuel without any storage space.

Domestic or Residential customers use PNG as a cooking fuel. PNG replaces the LPG and gives users a hassle-free and continuous supply at a much cheaper rate than LPG. It is majorly being accepted as an attractive alternative to LPG.

PNG is lighter than the air, and in case of any leakage, disperses in the air. The supply can be cut off through valves provided in the pipelines inside and outside the kitchen.

Benefits of Domestic PNG:-

  • Uninterrupted supply of PNG
  • PNG is lighter than air so in case of leakage, it will dissipate rapidly and avoid flammability.
  • Clean and safe fuel
  • Economic – Cheaper than LPG
  • No storage is required at customer’s premises which ensures high consumer safety.
  • Billing as per meter reading hence no pilferage.
  • Helpline 24x7 - Emergency number: 9311990900 for assistance.
  • Billing & Payments - Bills are generated and delivered at customer premises / societies and also sent to customer’s registered E-mail ID. Customers can make the payment pay bill on the website
  • The domestic consumer pays the PNG bill only once in every two months.
  • There is no chance of any pilferage as it is supplied through pipeline. There is no ash accumulation and greasy spillages present in appliance on the usage of PNG bringing down the maintenance cost.
  • Its combustion results in virtually no atmospheric emissions of Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), and far lower emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) etc


  • Please make a habit of opening the windows and doors for some time before turning on the gas stove in order to dissipate the gas in case of any leakage.n
  • Please close all the valves in case any gas leakage/smell /hissing sound. Contact our emergency number: 9311990900 for assistance.
  • Your gas burner is compatible for PNG use only, please do not use LPG cylinder on it.
  • PNG pipeline and fittings which are installed inside society and houses should be visible and if found covered or concealed must contact or emergency number.
  • If you notice any construction or excavation work near the gas pipeline route within your locality must inform our emergency number: 9311990900.
  • Always switch off the appliance valve and isolation valve after cooking in case you are away from home for a long duration. Please reference to the picture given below.


  • Never tamper with PNG gas pipeline fittings and valves. It could be dangerous and hazardous.
  • Never use any non-standard rubber tubes provided by any unauthorized person or company.
  • Local mechanic or plumber are not authorized to work on PNG gas pipeline. Do not contact them for the same.

Our Servicable Societies

S.No. Societies Name Sector
1 Meditech Apartments Sec-56
2 Vigyan Vihar Sec-56
3 Sagavi CGHS Sec-55
4 Joykunj Apartments Sec-56
5 Guru Gram Sec-56
6 Sahyog Apartments Sec-56
7 Chandra CGHS Sec-55
8 Krishna CGHS Sec-54
9 Shiv Shakti CGHS Sec-54
10 Karam Hi Dharam Sec-55
11 Sunischit Sec-54
12 Vidya Enclave Sec-56
13 Sidhartha Apartments Sec-56
14 Priyadarshni Apartments Sec-56
15 Shri Bankebihari Apartments Sec-56
16 Sky Land Apartments Sec-56
17 New Welcome CGHS Sec-56
18 Ganpati Sec-56
19 Olive Heights Sec-56
20 Medinova Apartments Sec-56
21 Arihant CGHS Sec-56
22 Divya Society Sec-56
23 Prerana C.G.H.S Ltd Sec-56
24 Bhagwanti Apartments Sec-56
25 New Anand Apartments Sec-56
26 Maitry R B S Sec-56
27 Shivalya Apartments Sec-56
28 Rail Vihar Apartments Sec-56
29 Sahara Grace Sec-28
30 Ashoka Apartments Sec-56
31 Sukh Shanti Apartments Sec-56
32 Bhawani CGHS Sec-54
33 Globle CGHS Sec-56
34 Aravali Hills CGHS Sec-56
35 Alankar Apartments Sec-56
36 Progressive CGHS Sec-55
37 Abhash C.G.H.S Sec-56
38 Basera CGHS Sec-56
39 Gracious Tower Sec-56
40 Jawahar Apartments Sec-56
41 Sagar CGHS Sec-56
42 Bancourt Surya Sec-43
43 Gharonda Apartments Sec-56
44 Ifs C.G.H.S Sec-56
45 Kanchanjanga Apartments Sec-56
46 Oasis CGHS Sec-55
47 Professor Enclave Sec-56
48 Royal Palm Apartments Sec-56
49 Surya CGHS Sec-55
50 Golf Link Sec-54
51 Suvidha Apartments Sec-56
52 East West CGHS Sec-54
53 Intelligentsia Apartments Sec-56
54 Park Royal Apartments Sec-56
55 Shivani Apartments Sec-56
56 Golden Jubilee CGHS Sec-55
57 Paarth CGHS Sec-55
58 Akash Ganga Sec-56
59 Alaknanda CGHS Sec-56
60 Pragati Apartment Sec-55
61 The Lions Apartments Sec-56
62 Samanvay Apartments Sec-56
63 Hewo - Ii Sec-56
64 Ajatshatru Kasuk Sec-52
65 Mariner Homes Sec-56
66 New Greenwood Sec-52
67 Raj Villas Sec-52
68 Sidhi Vinayak CGHS Sec-55
69 The Varun Sec-52
70 Gail C.G.H.S Sec-56
S.No. Societies Name Sector
71 Mahalaxmi CGHS Sec-43
72 Navyug CGHS Sec-43
73 Surbhi CGHS Sec-43
74 The Palm Springs Sec-42
75 Ourania Sec-53
76 Vikas Sec-52
77 Central Park 1 New
78 Castle CGHS Sec-56
79 Devinder Vihar Sec-56
80 Kamaroon Court CGHS Sec-43
81 Regency Park 1 New
82 C.Dot C.G.H.S Sec-56
83 Sukriti Apartments Sec-56
84 Belvedere Tower New
85 Power Welfare Organization Sec-43
86 Jalvayu Tower Sec-56
87 The Summit  
88 Shree Arihant CGHS Sec-54
89 Vaastu CGHS Sec-55
90 Shristi Apartments Sec-56
91 Huda C.G.H.S (Mehta) Sec-56
92 Aadarsh CGHS Sec-55
93 Agrim CGHS Sec-43
94 Cedar Estate CGHS Sec-54
95 Orlav Court New
96 Gulmohar Apartments Sec-56
97 Jalvayu Vihar Sec-30/31
98 Suncity Heights Sec-54
99 The Verandas Sec-54
100 Caitriona Ambience Ambience
101 Shri Ganesh Apartments Sec-56
102 Technical Paradise CGHS Sec-56
103 Galaxy CGHS Sec-43
104 Hamilton Court Dlf-4
105 Hewo-1 C.G.H.S Sec-56
106 I-Con Sec-43
107 Jeevan Tara CGHS Sec-43
108 Kiran Residencey Sec-56
109 Sanskriti Apartments Sec-56
110 Sanskriti CGHS Sec-43
111 Tarika CGHS Sec-43
112 The North Close New
113 Orchid Petals Sec-49
114 Lagoon Island Ambience
115 Pinnacle Sec-43
116 Ridgewood Estate Dlf-4
117 West End Heights Sec-43
118 Heritage City Sec-25
119 National Media Centre Dlf Phase-Iii
120 Raheja Atlantis Sec-30/31
121 Kendriya Vihar Sec-56
122 Sujjan Vihar Sec-43
123 Swarn Jyanti CGHS Sec-54
124 Technocrate Apartments Sec-56
125 Huda Plots Sec-56
126 Ifs CGHS Sec-54
127 Hex Tax CGHS Sec-43
128 Individual Home Sec-43
129 Rail Vihar Apartments Cawa Sec-57
130 Carlton Estate Ph-5
131 La Lagoon Sec-54
132 The Crest Sec-54
133 Emrald Court Essel Tower
134 Mgf The Villas Sec-25
135 Parsvnath Exotica Sec-53
136 The Nile Sec-49
137 Time Residency Sec-63
138 The Golden Crest Sec-52
139 Orchid Garden Sec-54
140 Huda Plots Sec-30
141 World Spa Sec-30